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Improving Your Group
Improving Yourself

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Improving Your Group

Leadership Lessons of College CEOs
Three successful students share tips to improve productivity
By Cal Newport, Dartmouth College

Achieving Acclaim
How to get national publicity for your group's projects
By Rodger Roeser

Climbing High
Adventure learning can benefit your group
By Risa G. Merl, senior editorial assistant

If You Can Dream It, You Can Create It
How to start a student-run organization
By Steven D. Cohen, University of Florida

Small Schools, Large Problems
Leaders at smaller schools face issues that larger schools don't
By Santiago Sanz, University of Florida

Working With Your Administration
Understanding system and building relationships are keys to success
By Christy Zamani, California State University

How To Avoid Low Turnout at Your Next Event
Time-tested tactics for boosting attendance
By John Franson, Kansas State University

Dancing for a Cause
How to start a Dance Marathon at your university
By Kate Stone, Indiana University

Culture and Student Organizations
Invoking change within your group while maintaining the overall identity
By Dan Bureau,
Student Activities Advisor, University of New Mexico

New Aspects of Leadership
Reaching out to constituents
By Wanda Herndon, Columbia College


Brotherly Love Transcends Stereotypes
Zeta Beta Tau's Rho Iota chapter supports their community
By Maria Alejandra Cancino

Mission: Leadership
Sergeant leads on and off campus
By Melanie De Jesus

McNair's Passion
Student at Wofford College works hard to help his community
By Maria Cancino

Deep in the Club Scene
SA executive board member enriches students' lives
By Melanie De Jesus

Bridging the Distance
WSU's distance education SG connects students
By Melissa Weise

1,000 Watts of Leadership
Student-run radio station defines leadership
By Joe Mazer

"Get Carded" to Save Lives
Students educate Florida about organ donation
By Lesley Ann Moorman-McMillen

Healthy Leadership
Pitt students teach children about healthy living
By Kimberly Jones

SIFE Makes Dollars and Sense
Students reach out to community with financial knowledge
By Brenna Fisher, editorial assistant

When the Chips are Up
Arizona Blue Chip puts stock in leadership
By John Lamothe, associate editor

Helping the Helpers
Students create own Volunteer Resource Center
By Ana Ribero, editorial assistant

Recipe for Success
Hastings College graduate enhances her leadership with humility
By Ana Ribero, editorial assistant

Finding a Voice
The quest to build a city-student relationship
By Eric Swalwell, University of Maryland

Running At Full Throttle
A day in the life of a student leader
By Michael Marcelli

Going Against All Odds All Her Life
SG president accomplishes more than most in spite of disability
By Dr. Gayle Noble, SAC Advisor,
Coastline Community College in California

Greeks Find Their Voice
The Greek Chronicle gains acceptance and support of community
By Wes Milligan, University of Missouri

A Student Paper Triggers Campuswide Changes
Student journalists at Alaska Pacific University fight for lower tuition and better customer service.

By Cotty Parks, Alaska Pacific University

Serving as SG President and Editor of the Campus Newspaper
A Northwestern State University student shares his experiences holding these potentially conflicting positions
By Ivy Scattergood

Animal Lovers Unite at the University of Alabama
Bama P.A.W.S. promote animal welfare and safety through volunteerism and education
By Amanda Ligon

Business Students Volunteer for Non-Profit Organizations
The "Service Leadership Certificate Program" at St. Louis University integrates Jesuit education with the fundamentals of leadership
By Beth Wohlert

Texas A&M Students Keep School Spirit Alive
Traditions Council educates Aggies about customs
By Jaclyn Sherman

1999 LeaderNet Essay Winners
Students answer the question "Who was the most influential leader of the 20th century?"

Margaret Sanger educated women about the benefits of
  birth control
By Yvon Edoumou

Mother Teresa founder and former leader of Missionaries
  of Charity Submission
By Wafi Abdulla
Mahatma Gandhi’s message of peace transcends all
By Farah Nazarali-Stranieri

Campus Leaders Set an Example
The Student Government Association at Winthrop University in South Carolina created "The Dedication for Excellence" to encourage citizenship
By Anna Marie Neri

Distance-Learning Students Launch a Cyber SG
Extended degree program students at Washington State University start an on-line Student Government to address their special needs
By Anna Marie Neri

SG Leaders Get Constituents' Feedback
Student Government Board officials at the University of Pittsburgh create "The Student Leaders Forum" to find out what students want
By Elise Lyne

Improving Yourself

Self-Directed Leadership
How to bring out that hidden talent for leadership
By Dr. Jared Lancer

The Three Principles of Leadership
How to be an effective leader
By Brendon Burchard, author of The Student Leadership Guide

Lead by Coaching
Moving from team member to team coach
By Jeff Pal, president, Leadertrain America

How To Think Like a Winner
Becoming a winner doesn't just happen
By Ruben Gonzalez, three-time Olympian

After the Fun and Sun, Read On!
Check out these inspirational picks from the editors

Fighting for Financial Aid
Hard work doesn't always pay off for aid students
By Emily Brandon, University of Rochester

Fitness + Student Leader = Optimal Performance
Exercise is even more necessary for the busiest students
By Antonia McGuire, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Communication Skills Key to S.U.C.C.C.E.S.S.S.
In leadership and in work, speaking and writing clearly are essential

By Kendall Isaac

Getting the Most Out of Conferences
Student Government leaders at the University of North Dakota use their "Homework Sheet" as a networking tool.
By Eric Hastie

Remaining Politically Active While Studying Abroad
A Binghamton University student runs for Student Association president while living overseas
By Dave Berkowitz

The Challenge of a Radical Future
Leaders should risk everything to try something new
By Sara Buntin, Emory & Henry College

Getting the Appreciation You Deserve
How to become well-known and respected on your campus
By Tye Thomas, Johnson & Wales University

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