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Student Leader features articles about how students run their organizations more effectively and ethically. We're constantly on the lookout for new tips on these subjects:

Tips on how to run your organization, including how to recruit new members, how to motivate and reward your staff, delegate effectively, manage your time as a campus leader, work with your administration, and more.
Fund raisers that work, particularly unusual or creative ideas that other schools can use
Money-saving ideas for student groups to maximize their limited budgets
Unique leadership-development programs around the country
Unusual clubs or organizations
Publicity ideas for student groups and events
Effective strategies on how to get along with campus media and get better coverage
How to get students to vote in campus elections
Unique volunteer and community-service centers and how they were set up
And much more—give us your ideas!

Most of our articles come from conversations with subscribers and campus leaders, so there's a good chance that we can use your idea. All you have to do is contact Student Leader:

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