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Time-Tested Leadership Advice!
The ASGA Article Library has something for every student leader. Drawing from twenty years of experience with Student Leader and Florida Leader magazines, we’ve compiled the most extensive database of articles relevant to student leadership. Are you looking for information about on-line voting, volunteering, managing your group, or creating a legacy? Then the ASGA web site is the place for you…but only if you’re a member.

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Spring 2003
On the Cover:
University of Idaho

Cover Profile: Joseph McKenna
Tune-Up Your SG
President for Life
How To Run Your School
Does Campus Food Stink?
Groom the Next Leaders
Passing the Torch
Talking Tactfully

The Perfect Conference
Having Press Problems
Advice for Advisors

Recipe for Success

Winter 2003
On the Cover: Monroe Community College

Cover Profile: Daniel O'Hanlon
Test Your Administrators
Shape Up or Ship Out
Perfect Partnership
SG vs. Administration
To Boldly Go
Grab a Seat
Just Say Thanks

Fall 2002
On the Cover:
Harvard University

Cover Profile: Lindsay Hyde
Service Pays Off
Superstars of Service
Time to Lend a Hand
National Lobby Groups
Not Another Budget Cut!
United We Grow
Get Ready to Rumble
Take Our Advice

Winter 2002
On the Cover: Southern Miss

Cover Profile: Angela Patterson
Ready for a Crisis?
Turning On SG Voters
Campaign Strategies
Welcome to the Party
Campaigning Do's and Don'ts
Cap Campaign Spending
Got Voters?
Pros and Cons of On-line Voting
Which Election Company Is for You?
Can You Expect Higher Turnout?

Fall 2001
On the Cover: Youngstown State University

Cover Profile: Jeff Parks
The SG Salary Survey
Understanding Southworth
The Plastic Invasion
How To Get Headlines
What Is Leadership?


Spring 2001
On the Cover:
Bryant College

Cover Profile: Adam Fontaine
Non-trad Tricks
Textbook Tyranny
Trustee In Me
How Effective Is Your SG?



Winter 2001
On the Cover: University of Texas-Pan American
Topical index of this issue

t_slwinter2001.jpg (9051 bytes)Cover Profile: Benigna Garcia
     & Clara Aguilar
A Campaign for Change
Winning Via the Web
Building the Perfect SSA
Can't We Just Get Along?


Fall 2000
On the Cover: University of Michigan
Topical index of this issue

t_slfall2000.jpg (8438 bytes)Cover Profile: Alice Lin
Campus Childcare
Personal Connections
Accelerate Success
The Candidate Pool


Spring 2000
On the Cover: Old Dominion University, VA

Topical index of this issue

t_slfall2000.jpg (8428 bytes) Cover Profile: Sharifa Charlery
Bullet-Proof E-Ballots
Cause and Effect
Recycling Renaissance
End Apathy Now!
Sick of High Book Prices?


Winter 2000
On the Cover: Comm. College of S. Nevada
Topical index of this issue

t_slwinter2000.jpg (17952 bytes) Cover Profile: Kandy Aranda
The Two-Year Turnover
What Can You Accomplish?



Fall 1999
On the Cover: University of Washington

Topical index of this issue

t_fall99.jpg (17858 bytes)Best of the Web
Survey Your Students
Campus Parking Solutions


Spring 1999
On the Cover: Cal. State Univ., Fullerton
Topical index of this issue

Fund Your Yearbook
Follow the Tour Guide
Electronic Elections



Winter 1999
On the Cover: University of Georgia

Topical index of this issue

t_sprg98.jpg (17894 bytes)It's Your Serve
Community Service Stars
Yearbook Bodybuilding
New & Improved SGs



Fall 1998
On the Cover: University of Tennessee

Topical index of this issue

The Annual Debate
Sick Of Apathy?
Zero-Proof Programs



Spring 1998
On the Cover: George Washington University

Topical index of this issue

t_sprg98.jpg (17894 bytes)Fighting Voter Apathy
Disability Challenges
Stop Racism Now



Fall 1997
On the Cover: Kansas State University

Topical index of this issue

Attacking Apathy
Those Dirty Little Lies
Should SG Officers Get Paid?



Spring 1997
On the Cover: Vanderbilt University, TN

Topical index of this issue

Hot SG Web Sites
How To Kill Your Group
Want More Press?



Fall 1996
On the Cover: Spelman College, GA

Topical index of this issue

Stomping Out Negativity
So You Want to Be President
Fund Raisers That Work



Spring 1996
On the Cover: University of Arizona

Topical index of this issue

You Vs. the Administration
Searching for the Perfect Advisor
Postering Secrets



Fall 1995
On the Cover: University of Minnesota

Topical index of this issue

Peaceful Demonstrations
Extreme Expectations
Campus Power Struggles



Spring 1995
On the Cover: Fairfield University, CT
Topical index of this issue

Plan Not To Fail
I Demand Respect!
Get Off the Throne



Fall 1994
On the Cover: California State Univ., Chico

Topical index of this issue

t_slfall1994.jpg (8916 bytes)Are You at Risk?
Squash That Ego
Wanted: Awesome Advisors



Spring 1994
On the Cover: Texas Christian University

Topical index of this issue

t_slspring94.jpg (9328 bytes)Become Articulate
Building Coalitions
Passing the Torch



Fall 1993
On the Cover: University of Richmond, VA

Topical index of this issue

t_slfall1993.jpg (9307 bytes)How to Be an Ethical Leader
Eight Days a Week
Don't Give Up!



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